For 24/7 365 days a year monitoring, Fire and Security Systems can be connected to and monitored by our alarm receiving center (ARC).

It is a legal requirement that only professionally installed and maintained alarm systems can be connected to an ARC. Choosing Rapid Fire Services gives you access to a wide range of monitoring services which means that signals sent to the ARC from your system will be dealt with in the appropriate manner - if necessary the emergency services contacted.

We can provide the following monitoring services dependent upon the level of risk and budget of the client;

Digital Communicator
This is single path signaling and is a cost effective way of monitoring systems. The digital communicator can either be connected to an existing phone line or a dedicated line for enhanced security. Upon activation of the alarm the DigiCom will send an alarm signal to the ARC. The operator at the ARC will then take the appropriate action depending on the type of signal received. They will either contact the Police or Keyholder depending on how the process has been originally set up.

Dual Path Signalling
There are 2 main suppliers of dual path signaling; BT RedCare GSM and DualCom - these utilise a landline and radio (GSM) network. If either of these paths goes down the ARC will be alerted and the key holders called. If both paths go down the key holders and police will be alerted. Dual path signaling is a more secure way to monitor alarms and is not

In order to gain emergency service response the alarm system must meet British Standard regulations. The police will only attend if the activation can be ‘confirmed’. To achieve confirmation - 2 separate detectors must be activated within a distinct, predetermined, time frame. Our Receiving Centre filters these signals and only passes the appropriate ones to the Emergency Services.


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