Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting

Rapid Fire Services supplies, installs and routinely maintains various Emergency Lighting systems ranging from 240v installations to 110v Battery Cabinet systems and everything in between.

It is important that lighting equipment is properly tested and maintained if it is to function correctly when required in an emergency. All emergency lighting should be regularly checked and maintained by a competent person in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations.

The following testing is designed to ensure the continued protection of your premises and occupants; because of the possibility of a failure of the normal lighting supply occurring shortly after a period of testing, all tests should wherever possible, be undertaken at time of least risk.

The results of all testing and any necessary corrective action should be recorded in a log record held on site, which shall be available if required for inspection by any authorised person.

The following testing schedule is in accordance with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS5266-8:2004, 7.2.3 and BS 5266-8:2004, 7.2.4. All documents should be filled in on a test record BS 5266-1:2005.

Visually check that all maintained lamps are operating and that all system healthy indicators on Central Power Supply Systems (Central Battery Systems) are illuminated. Check that any system fault recorded is given urgent attention and record all corrective actions in the log book provided.

Check all luminaires and other emergency lighting equipment is in a good condition, all lamps and light controllers are clean, undamaged and not blackened. Briefly test all emergency lighting equipment by simulating a failure of the normal lighting supply. Check that all equipment functions correctly. Check that once the mains supply is restored, all supply healthy indicators are again illuminated.

A full system test should be conducted by a competent service engineer including a full rated duration test of the system. Compliance of the installation and system with the requirements of BS EN and BS standards should be considered and documented.

Rapid Fire Services are fully NIC EIC approved to carry out electrical work on Emergency Lighting installations and we are regularly audited to ensure consistent conformance to standard working practice and the latest Standards.


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