Tesco Finance Edinburgh, HQI Building, 2 South Gyle Crescent Edinburgh - Life Safety Systems

Sector - Banking

Client - Forth Electrical Services Ltd.

Brief - Installation of Life Safety Systems in newly renovated HQI Building

Systems - Fire Alarm System, Aspirating (ASD) Systems

Overview - We were required to design, supply, install and commission a brand new Life Safety System. Due to the type of building, the nature of the operation of the building and the prestige of the tenant this was a difficult brief, particularly working within tight schedules alongside several other Contractors to try and get the works completed in time to hand over before the building opened.

Tesco Finance Edinburgh

We recommended installing a Gent by Honeywell Vigilon Control Panel utilising S Quad technology in conjuction with Gent by Honeywell Air Sampling Detection systems. We believed this to be the best possible existing market solution which was again agreed by the Client.

The Results - We installed and fully commissioned and certified the Systems within the time parameters placed on us. The Client was happy with the service we provided and our ability to work alongside other Contractors to reach a favourable conclusion for everyone involved in bringing the project to fruition.